Rick Fox, DC

A chiropractor since 1984, Dr. Rick Fox was soon onto his pathway to become a chiropractic sports physician. In 1992, Dr. Fox was conferred the 16th person in his profession to receive the highest degree a Diplomate in Athletic Injuries. Affectionately dubbed Dr. Rick, by the L.A Derby Dolls, he has worked with the medical tents of the pro-beach volleyball players, Olympic medalists, pro, elite and world class athletes, and was the founder/medical director for the Los Angeles Derby Dolls, Doll Repair Team.

In addition to working with athletes, Dr. Rick who has played guitar since the age of 8, has the pleasure of working with a multitude of touring bands, this eventually led to Dr. Fox getting his certification as an advanced movement specialist. Based on his understanding of movement, he created, designed ,and patented, Second Knee, one of the first knee braces based on anatomy and Sonic tool, his second patent where he combined the therapies of ultrasound, gua-sha and movement. In addition to his practice, he is now travelling around the country teaching Doctor’s of Chiropractic, Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers on how to use the Sonic Tool.

He currently resides in Southern California and practices in Arcadia, CA, where he and his fiancé enjoy the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains for hiking and recreation. A lover of Nature led Dr. Rick to live in community for 10 years in Washington where he learned a great deal about farming, gardening, and creating wetland projects.

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The SoniTool was created by Dr. Fox. He is currently working with Mettler Electronics as the manufacturer and distributor.